xoma smart lane

Introducing XOMA Smart Lane from Reliance.

The most advanced, human-centric examination system ever.

Transformation starts with asking the right people the right questions. The more we talked to doctors, and patients, about the exam-lane experience, the smarter we became. And the smarter the exam lane became.

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Ergonomic design for peace of mind.

Our research showed that optometrists and ophthalmologists are prone to chronic back and neck pain. XOMA Smart Lane is designed for the smooth, effortless workflow that can help protect physician spine health and maximize comfort – for both you and your patients.


Doctor-focused features:

  • Ergonomically contoured touchpoints
  • Patient and physician sit at eye level, for proper spine alignment
  • All instrumentation is within shorter reach
  • Wireless technology is integrated throughout
  • Motorized, automated functionality

Patient-focused features:

  • Accessible chair design
  • Unintimidating bright, natural materials
  • Calming ambient light

Smart lane. Smart look.

Substance, style and a smaller footprint. The XOMA Smart Lane is sleeker and slimmer with no visible wires, making the exam room as design-forward as the front of any contemporary practice.

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